Today is Slow Art Day 2014

Have a *good* Slow Art Day 2014 wherever you are in the world.

If just one more person in the world today learns that they have the innate ability to look at and and to love art, then we will have all reached our mission.


Founder, Slow Art Day

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Notes From Hosts: Mim Scalin


Greetings from Richmond, VA, USA

Slow Art Day 2014! I can’t wait.
I’ve got lots of people signed up (45), and have been keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. I hope they all show up!
It’s going to be an exciting event.
I’ve chosen 3 pieces from the 20th century galleries and 2 from an area under viewed for sure, sporting life, which is mainly British paintings ofhorse and dogs from the 1800s. 
Won’t people be surprised!
Instead of making buttons this year, I made labels on adhesive backed paper. 
Slow Art Day labels
I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos from the event.
Best wishes to all,
Mim Golub Scalin
volunteer host
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The Value of Slow Looking

But what’s interesting about Slow Art Day is that it offers a practice (look for at least 10 minutes) and the possibility of an experience that’s owned by the viewer. It’s why giving attention to art at the very least brings new perspective, and is in the words of business thinkers potentially ‘disruptive’ in that it can over time shift how you see things. In a world of customization and personalization digital technology provides us with the stuff based on previous choices – it makes life easier.

- John O’Reilly, Slow Art Day and the value of spending time looking at pictures, Image Source, (via).


Image Source has interviewed our founder, Phil Terry, on his thoughts about Slow Art Day!

Read on to find out the original inspiration and “a-ha” moment that sparked Slow Art Day’s birth, why freedom is important for the viewer’s engagement, what Phil Terry means by “monogamous-in-the-moment“and much more here.

- Karen


Notes from Hosts: Dr Medica Assunta Orlando


Hello fellow hosts,

The Museum of Paleontology and Palaeontology Maglie (Lecce, Italy) will host “The Origin of Art” Saturday, April 12.

I am hosting this event because I firmly believe that we must understand the art from its origins, from the times when the basic need of man to communicate. The understanding of this concept requires slow pace to overcome the aesthetic idea of works of art, to discover the values ​​and the deepest needs of the soul.

If you are in Salento (Puglia), do not hesitate to connect with us! Good luck to all of you for your respective goals Days of Art on Saturday.

- Dr Medica Assunta Orlando

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Notes from Hosts: Aleema Mohamed


Hi fellow hosts,

My name is Aleema and I am American from NYC. I will be hosting a Slow Art Day at JAMM Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE, where I am currently based on a short-term project.
I decided to host an event because I strongly believe in the experience of art, and thus, looking at art slowly. I am also the founder of an online art platform, Art Waddle, that focuses on helping people connect with the art they love, in person.
If you are ever in Dubai or NY, please feel free to connect! Best of luck to all of you for your respective Slow Art Days on Saturday.
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Notes from Hosts: Leanne Wright


Stick It To the TOM on Slow Art Day!

That which is not worth contemplating in life, is not worth recreating in art.  Ayn Rand, author

On April 12th“Stick it to the TOM on Slow Art Day” visitors will be provided with post it notes and pencils and we’ll be asking you to write down your responses to the works on view and let us know what you think of them. Following the model set up in the Convergence and Look What We Have! exhibitions, these responses will be posted on the walls next to the artworks so that other people can read and discover what moved/inspired/challenged/provoked someone else in their interaction with the art. 

We will also be offering a virtual platform for those who cannot physically visit the TOM on April 12th. On that day we will be posting images from our collection and inviting people to “Stick it to the TOM on Slow Art Day” by posting their responses to the images on our Facebook page.  We’ll be tweeting some of the post it note responses on our Twitter page with the hashtags #StickItToTheTOM and #SlowArtDay if you want to follow the dialogue there as well.

SlowArtDayThe TOM is a regional art centre and INTERNATIONAL cultural attraction dedicated to the innovative spirit of landscape artist and Canadian icon, Tom Thomson. The TOM celebrates excellence in the visual arts locally, nationally and internationally, through exhibitions of historical and contemporary art, education programs and the enrichment and interpretation of its significant permanent collection. We have one of the largest collections of Tom Thomson’s work (74 pieces including artifacts), over 90 pieces by the Group of Seven, 42 pieces by world renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky as well as work by Emily Carr, John Hartman and a substantial collection of work by women and First Nation artists. We look to engage our immediate and broader audience in meaningful ways through our exhibitions and onsite and offsite programs. The TOM is the region’s main disseminator of contemporary art.  Through excellent exhibitions, publications, and engaging social media platforms and education programs, the Gallery provides a unique experience for its audiences.

So on April 12, come down to the Gallery or visit us online and tell us what you think!

Admission to the TOM is by donation.
There’s always something going on at the TOM!

- Leanne Wright

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Notes From Hosts: Sabine Klement


Dear fellow-hosts,
dear Slow Art Day-coordination department ;),

cordial greetings from Cologne, where I’m happy to arrange a Slow Art-venue for the second time.

After coming to know Slow Art-movement last year and  ‘putting together’ spontaneously a small event in a museum during two weeks, I started my promotion earlier this time, counting 12 participants for now (which is actually completely enough…).

Slow Art Day is accidently falling together with Cologne Art Fair, a quiet meaningful art-event which fills the city and all ‘important’ art-institutions up with art-lovers.

As a counterpoint I decided to invite the Slow Art-group to the studio of an artist, I’m representing in my art-agency: Ulrike Heidkamp. Her works deserve any attention possible and pay back with as well asthetically valuable and touching impressions. (Thus witnessing the vitality of representational painting – if you are interested in taking a look at some of Ulrike Heidkamps paintings klick here .)
I consider the setting as corresponding to the ‘less is more’-approach. The event offers – after Ulrike being a very secluded artist – a rare opportunity to take an intense look at her paintings in the privacy of her studio.

Besides, the studio is placed in the biggest german studio-building under residents’ self-administration, with lots of cultural activities taking place regularly. By the way Slow-Art-Day-participants will gain insight into Cologne’s cultural ‘off’-scene.

I don’t know, what it’s like at your places, dear fellow-hosts – here, in Cologne, western Germany, spring is just arriving powerfully, sun sending it’s first really warm rays, birds singing out loud, everything blossoming and greening – very fitting athmosphere to take in some fresh art-impressions and exchange with others on the experience – so I have totally optimistic expectations about the event!

I wish you all the best and even if it may appear stale… THANKS incredibly lot to the Slow Art Day-Team for keeping the fire burning and doing a great organizational job for all, who participate in one way or the other in Slow Art Day 2014!

- Sabine Klement

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Notes from Hosts: Miriam Machado


Dear Hosts,

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum located on the main campus of Florida International University, Miami , Florida is proud to host its second Slow Art Day. As a Smithsonian Affiliate,  we have exciting and world class exhibitions on view.  This Slow Art Day is dedicated to the memory of  Helen Venero, a dedicated docent, volunteer, and art lover who helped us launch with great enthusiasm our first Slow Art Day.

This Slow Art Day participants will get a chance to “slow down” in our grand galleries with Our America: the Latino presence in American art exhibition. Each participant  can pick up a visual analysis worksheet if they wish  to use as they are looking. Bring your lunch or purchase one at our nearby food court and then join others on our beautiful terrace overlooking a lake.  

Parking is free on Saturdays.

Miriam Machado
Curator of Education

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