All the Art You Do Not See

A few excerpts from the Reno Gazette-Journal article published Feb. 23 by Amanda Horn of the Nevada Museum of Art:

“In 2008, an admitted art-appreciating novice conducted an experiment. As he strolled with his wife through the Jewish Museum in New York, Phil Terry decided to try a different way of looking at the art on view. Rather than scan hundreds of works for 10-17 seconds each (the average time spent by museumgoers scanning individual pieces, according to various research), Terry wondered what would happen if people spent a little more time looking deeply at a few works of art. That simple decision led to his founding a growing international movement called Slow Art Day.

… a different experience, a respite from the busy hustle and bustle of a perpetually connected world.
Meandering through the galleries can bring a richer quality to your visit. Take time to ponder the artworks. Read the labels. Many exhibitions currently on view allow photography, so snap a shot, but then put the phone away. Tweet your thought later. Return to the moment. Cultivate the art of seeing. Amanda Horn is the director of communications for the Nevada Museum of Art.”

Read Amanda’s full story here.

– Caroline Wingate

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