Artist Mark Meyer and the Art of Slow Looking

Katie Hosmer at My Modern Met describes the experience of Alaska-based photographer Mark Meyer: each morning, he captures an image of the view out his bedroom window. From falling leaves to snow to frost, Meyers freezes a moment in time and allows for the luxury of a slow look at what would normally be a fleeting moment.

Image by Mark Meyer

About the project, Meyer says, “It has gradually turned into a minimalist personal project that’s become a reminder to myself that even the simplest things are interesting if you pay attention. I’ve found it to be good way to start each day, an exercise in seeing and visually exploring a single subject and noticing how it gradually changes over time.”

Image by Mark Meyer

Be sure to look at Mark Meyer’s website showcasing his other photography, and thanks to Katie Hosner at My Modern Met for the original article about Meyer’s work.

– Alie Cline

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