SFMOMA Google+ Hangout Features Slow Art Day

Slow Art Day Social Media Manager, Alie Cline, was invited by SFMoMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) to speak on a Google+ panel that was part of their first-ever crowdsourced program, #ArtMicroHubs.

Led by Suzanne Stein head of community engagement at SFMoMA, her colleagues at SFMoMA, and people like our own Alie Cline, the discussion is well worth watching.

Alie (at about 42 minutes in) talks about Slow Art Day in the context of this broader conversation about social media, visitor engagement and innovative programs. “Slow Art Day”helps people feel more relaxed in a museum space. Just the act of looking can spark conversations and a more personal response to art that doesn’t feel as intimidating.”

Be sure to check out Alie’s great work on our Tumblr blog here: http://SlowArtDay.Tumblr.com

And also look at Alie’s Cave to Canvas Tumblr

– Dana-Marie Lemmer, Slow Art Day Coordinator

4 Comments on “SFMOMA Google+ Hangout Features Slow Art Day

  1. Aw, thank you everyone! You all are too kind. I loved being able to discuss art communities, including Slow Art Day, with SFMOMA and the wonderful participants of the conversation.

  2. This discussion is definitely well worth the watch! What an interesting conversation about art and the public. I am so proud to be working with you Alie- I greatly admire how much you contribute to promoting this awesome event!

  3. It’s so exciting to see how the hard work of Slow Art Day has boosted us up to the talk of current and successful organizations! Proud of how Alie’s amazing work on the Slow Art Day Tumblr page has gained national attention. I’m more inspired than ever to spread the word about the great implications of Slow Art Day!

  4. This format for discussion is really engaging and interesting in that they are discussing how to get people involved, as they themselves have gotten involved in it through social media and the connections that can be made through the internet. I think this shows how discussions through a global community can help foster and shape individual communities as well. I look forward to seeing more of this series, and congrats to Alie!