Slow Art Day Selected as tumblr Editor

Good news – yesterday, the tumblr staff named us to the editorship for the Art Tag.

What does this mean? It means we now have the ability to highlight and promote art from across the worldwide tumblr community.

We’re honored to join a great group of blogs that take part in this community sharing, and we look forward to growing our presence on tumblr through our editorship.

Thanks to the staff at tumblr for recognizing the Slow Art Day tumblr blog and providing us with this important opportunity.

Alie Cline
Slow Art Day Tumblr Manager

6 Comments on “Slow Art Day Selected as tumblr Editor

  1. A big congratulation to the Slow Art Day Team! Phil, Alie and Gabrielle, I was very honored to see two of my works posted on your tumblr page. You opened a gate for me to a wide public of art lovers across the world! I have to thank you for this!


  2. Alie and Gabrielle deserve a lot of credit for helping us achieve such a level of respect within the tumblr community.

    Thank you!

    Founder, Slow Art Day

  3. I’m super excited about this! Congratulations! You better promote a post or two of mine every once in while (wink, wink)… although I’ve been neglecting my tumblr over the past week or so.

  4. Congratulations to Slow Art Day! What a wonderful achievement by the Slow Art Day Tumblr team!