A Rare Experience

For the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama, Slow Art Day came at what many hosts consider an impossible time. The Wiregrass sees it as an opportunity.

Art educator Leah Lapszynski explains:

This year for Slow Art Day at WMA, we find ourselves in the unique position of being between exhibitions in the early weeks of April. Typically, museum guests are aided in their visit by object labels, wall text, and other informational panels. Participants at WMA’s Slow Art Day event will be treated to an exciting, rare experience as they slowly look and make meaning of an incomplete exhibition. We are interested in the perception of museums that people have as visitors, and how that perception is constructed in the mind from outside opinions and past experiences. How will people make meaning from an exhibition in flux? What thoughts, emotions, or past personal experiences will participants pull from?


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