Maria Wegenke: Contemporary Works for Slow Art Day in Krakow, Poland

Maria Wegenke is an education specialist and the the coordinator for the first-ever Slow Art Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) in Krakow, Poland. Open since February 2010, MOCAK’s exhibits focus on contemporary international art, and one of its most important objectives is to expose patrons to contemporary art in order to reduce prejudice.

Slow Art Day: Why are you hosting Slow Art Day?

Maria: This is our first time hosting Slow Art Day, and we’re doing so because it fits perfectly into our strategy to open Polish society to contemporary art. We want to create a new art audience.

Slow Art Day: Have you selected your artwork for Slow Art Day yet?
Maria: We’re presenting works from Maria Jarema, Agnieszka Piksa, Koji Kamoji, Stanisław Dróżdż and Jerzy Bereś. Four of these works belong to our permanent  collection and one is part of our “Urban legends” temporary exhibit. They include sculpture, drawing, and graphic installations.

Slow Art Day: What is your favorite piece of art – or what’s one artwork that has had a great effect on you?

Maria: While I don’t have favorite piece of art, I like Marlene Dumas, Georges Seurat, Józef Gielniak, and Stefan Żechowski (illustrations to “Motory” by Emil Zegadłowicz).

Slow Art Day: Tell us more about your first-ever Slow Art Day event.

Maria: Slow Art Day at MOCAK starts at 12. In the first part, we invite you to see the chosen artwork. Later on we invite you to the MOCAK Café to have a coffee and chat about the exhibition, museum or whatever you find interesting. See you at MOCAK!

Join Krakow’s first Slow Art Day with Maria this April 28, 2012!

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