Michael Bowen: A Cinematic Experience for Slow Art Day

Michael Bowen is passionate about cinema and expanding people’s horizons beyond the regular commercial film-going experience. A motion picture historian currently finishing a PhD at New York University and teaching on the college level, he tells us more about his plans for a unique, film version of Slow Art Day in New York City.

Slow Art Day: Why are you hosting Slow Art Day?

Michael: I became aware of Slow Art Day through interests I also have in fine arts painting and very much wanted to expand the scope of the event to include film art. This will be my first time hosting a Slow Art Day event, and I am hoping it will inspire other film scholars to become involved.

Slow Art Day: Have you selected your artwork for Slow Art Day yet?

Michael: I have selected a body of short films by avant-garde filmmaker Robert Nelson (who coincidentally passed away this past January), with a focus on his film, Bleu Shut (1970). My principal reason for electing to share Nelson’s work has to do with his self-conscious interest in cinematic time. I am also thrilled to be inviting people to attend this screening at New York’s Anthology Film Archives, which continues to be the country’s principle repository of “avant-garde” cinema.

See a clip from Bleu Shot (1970) by filmmaker Robert Nelson

Slow Art Day: What is your favorite piece of art – or what’s one artwork that has had a great affect on you?

Michael: I am extremely interested in art-making of an intuitive, extremely personal nature. I privilege artists who are able to produce beauty in adversity and who force people to think hard about the art-making process.

Slow Art Day: Tell us more about your Slow Art Day event.

Michael: I hope people will seize this opportunity to become familiar with the great tradition of “avant-garde” cinema and to think about watching movies in a new and challenging way. I will say a few words before the screening to orient people to the “slow viewing” process and we will meet in a nearby space right after to share a drink or a bite to eat and talk about our experiences.

Enjoy a unique cinematic experience for Slow Art Day in The Big Apple with Michael this April 28, 2012.


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