Today is Slow Art Day 2014

Have a *good* Slow Art Day 2014 wherever you are in the world.

If just one more person in the world today learns that they have the innate ability to look at and and to love art, then we will have all reached our mission.


Founder, Slow Art Day

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2 Comments on “Today is Slow Art Day 2014

  1. Hi Leoma!

    I’m glad your event went swimmingly. You can send group photos and ‘of the moment’ shots to my email at

    Feel free to share these images on your personal twitter, Facebook, and tumblr pages with #slowartday2014 !


    Social Media Manager

  2. It was a fabulous event and our little art community of Matlacha Island was delighted to be part of such a global event. We had visitors waiting at the door and the hundreds that visited the gallery that day also took part in looking at art slowly. Lunch was a delight and we all made new friends as we dicussed the art. Cant’ wait until next year.

    Love this concept. It really unites art lovers that normally would not have connected.
    I see others blogging this. Where I can I post my photos of the event?

    Artfully Yours,
    Leoma Lovegrove
    Owner; Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens
    Matlacha Island, FL