Creating a Multisensory Gallery Experience

As museum educators, many of Slow Art Day’s hosts are looking to create a space where visitors can engage with artworks in new ways.

During this webinar led by Sara Birkofer from the Cincinnati Museum of Art on Feb 26, 2019, we explored multisensory experiences.

Birkofer discussed engaging visitors using scents, music, touchable objects and food in the galleries.

Watch the video of the webinar above, or view Birkofer’s powerpoint.

4 Comments on “Creating a Multisensory Gallery Experience

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  4. Hello Sara, et al,
    What is so interesting about many of the approaches that Phil Terry has been getting us to share through these webinars, is how classic, proven gallery education techniques can be intently re-shaped, re-combined, and slowed down, around the viewer’s experience as the organizing priority. For example, how you use the blindfolded drawing. I was sorry to miss you ‘in person,’ but glad to be able to watch so soon after production. More power to you, Annie