Slow Art Day 2012 Report: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center hosted its first Slow Art Day on April 28, 2012 – and based on the success, host Nicole Anthony says that the center plans to offer slow art viewing exercises, complete with a post-viewing wrap-up, more often.

Host Nicole Anthony of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Like many Slow Art Day events it was small but significant.  The small group size allowed for lengthy discussion over each of the 5 different art pieces that Anthony chose—in fact, there was so much engagement that the group spent an average of 30 minutes slowly looking at and then discussing each piece.

John Wayne, 1963 (mixed media) by Marisol (Escobar) was one of the five pieces Nicole Anthony chose for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Slow Art Day 2012.

Afterwards, lunch in the center’s cafe continued the lively conversation. As with many Slow Art Day events, the experience not only increased participants’ love for art, but Anthony says it also created a surprisingly deep sense of community.

– Nicole Anthony’s host report edited by Slow Art Day editors Jennafer Martin and Phil Terry





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