Slow Art Day 2023 Is Over – Now Our Work Begins

It’s a wrap!

Slow Art Day 2023 is now officially over.


Our community came together and produced another continent-spanning event – China, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, England, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, U.S., Canada, and *many* other countries.

In fact, Slow Art Day 2023 featured about 200 total events (actually, more than that when you count those that didn’t register with us).

With the work of the museums and galleries done for this year, the work begins for the volunteer Slow Art Day HQ Team. We will spend the rest of 2023 compiling, editing, and publishing reports about each of these individual events.

We have two goals with these reports: 1) help all of you learn from each other; 2) build the bonds of this global community of educators, curators, gallerists.

Our first step is reaching out to each host and asking them to provide us with details, photos, and artifacts from their 2023 Slow Art Day events.

Then when we get their information, we take these five steps:

1. Write-up individual reports
Our volunteer team will spend about five hours working on each individual museum/gallery report – editing and crafting a good write-up of what every individual museum and gallery did and calling out what others might learn from their design.

2. Email your report out to our global community
When each individual report is done, we email it out to the thousands of educators, curators, artists and others on our email list.

We then post it to our website for the world to see.

4. Facebook, Instagram
And we also post each report to our social media channels.

5. Annual Report
Finally, we add each individual report to our Annual Report, which has become the Bible of the slow looking movement (note: the full Annual Report for 2023 will be published in February of 2024).

Thank you for another great Slow Art Day – and here’s to spending the rest of 2023 learning what each other did.


Ashley, Jessica Jane, Johanna, Maggie, Robin, and Phyl

P.S. Find all our previous Annual Reports in the Host Tools section of the website.

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