Slow Art Day podcast with special guest Christian Adame

Listen to the Slow Art Day live podcast recorded Tuesday, September 12, 2017 with Slow Art Day hosts around the world and our special guest Christian Adame, longtime Slow Art Day host and Assistant Education Director at the Phoenix Art Museum. Christian designed and piloted the Slow Art & Mindfulness Summer Series at the Phoenix Art Museum this summer.
He talked us about this pilot program and what they learned and answered questions from listeners.

You can download the podcast or listen to it below.

2 Comments on “Slow Art Day podcast with special guest Christian Adame

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  2. Exciting to hear how well this concept is being received. I live in New York and have been to the Phoenix Art Museum a couple times. It’s a wonderful space with an exciting collection. This museum introduced me to James Turrel. I saw the Samori installation this summer. They’re certainly fortunate to have you, Christian, advocating this type of fresh interaction with the art.