Spooky Art Skulls for Halloween

Over on our tumblr page, we’ve been featuring spooky art to celebrate Halloween. Tumblr’s staff selected our post showcasing designer Magnus Gjoen’s skulls to feature on the tumblr radar – check out one of the skulls below, and head over to our tumblr page to see more!

Magnus Gjoen, Skull Victory Over Ignorance

Happy Halloween!

2 Comments on “Spooky Art Skulls for Halloween

  1. The way this artist uses contrasting/contradictory images, such as Renaissance traditional art images in the shape of graffiti-esque graphic skulls, is a really interesting commentary on different ways of viewing art. The aesthetic of traditional art married with the aesthetic (or anti-aesthetic) of contemporary art — especially that of street art that isn’t meant for the gallery or museum — really emphasizes the divide between Academic and post-Academic art histories.