Slow Art Day 2023 – Checklist and Podcast

We are excited that the 14th Slow Art Day is mere hours away.

*187* museums and galleries all over the world on every continent (except Antarctica) are officially participating this year. And many *more* are running events that we don’t know about.

— And this just in: lovely podcast interview by Claire Bown with Slow Art Day founder Phyl Terry —

A big heartfelt thanks to all the educators, curators, gallerists, and others who are making Slow Art Day happen.

You know the impact it can have on world to help more people learn to slow down and immerse themselves in art.

You are leading an important movement – one that brings many benefits including spreading the ancient simple joy of connecting deeply with art.

We applaud you.

And here’s a quick checklist for tomorrow.

Checklist (for Hosts)

1. Fun
Of course – have fun. Enjoy the day and all the hard work you’ve put into your unique Slow Art Day event. We can’t wait to learn about the design of your day and write it up in our Annual Report so others can take inspiration from you.

2. Photos
Take photos and tag #SlowArtDay2023 on Insta and Facebook (and send them to us separately for your report).

3. Artifacts
Save any fliers, prompts, instructions, brochures (and send them to us so we can include them in our write-up of your event – so others can benefit from your designs)

Have a GOOD and Slow Art Day 2023.


Ashley, Jessica Jane, Johanna, Maggie, Phyl, and Robin

P.S. If you want to *attend* a Slow Art Day, then:

1. Check the 2023 Venue list
187 museums and galleries have officially registered with us. See if one is near you. And go slow down and look. It will change your life.

2. Or, go to *any* museum, gallery, sculpture park
Run your own slow looking session, using our – playfully named – “slow looking algorithm.”