Día del Arte Lento in Oaxaca

On April 2, Anfibia Gráfica in Oaxaca, Mexico, organized their first in-person Slow Art Day event. Together with Taller-Galería La Máquina, they selected four engravings by four artists from Oaxaca: Guillermo Olguín, George Mead Mood, Raúl Herrera, and Ros Santos.

Anfibia Gráfica’s Slow Art Day poster

The event was divided in two parts.

The first part was called “the moment of contemplation”, where participants were invited to follow three key moments:

  • Contemplate each work for one minute.
  • Observe each work for two minutes.
  • Choose the work they liked the most and look at it for another two minutes.

Below you can see the four engravings that were selected for the event:

George Mead Moore, Blue pelvis, printed on metal

Guillermo Olguín, Motel, lithography

Raúl Herrera, El retorno de los pájaros, lithography.

Ros Santos, Mareños, printed on metal

For the second part of the event, aesthetics and art expert Susanne Brass led an open dialogue among all participants.

Participant engaging with a work of art.

The event was a real success and participants loved focussing on details and discovering new things.

At Slow Art Day HQ we are happy to welcome Anfibia Gráfica to our movement, and very much look forward to seeing what they come up with for their second Slow Art Day in 2023

– Jessica Jane, Johanna, Ashley, Robin, and Phyl

P.S. Anfibia Gráfica can be found on Instagram.