Dig into Slow Art Day

A new education-based movement called “Deeper Learning” is proposing an alternative to educational styles featuring a skill us slow looking aficionados already know well: undisturbed, passionate study.

Emma Lloyd - "Emergence" Find this and other works on our Pinterest page!

Emma Lloyd – “Emergence”
Find this and other works on our
Pinterest page.

The concept of Deeper Learning is defined as “a rich learning experience for students that allows them to really dig into a subject and understand it in a way that requires more than just memorizing facts” according to Katrina Schwartz, of KQED’s Mind/Shift blog.

This kind of advocation for “digging into” something applies well to the slow looking philosophy. Instead of glossing over a work of art to see every item in a museum’s collection, Slow Art Day invites the viewer to stop and find inspiration within only five pieces for at least ten minutes at a time. The results are spectacularly diverse as seen in our well-documented catalog of slow looking experiences.

Scharwtz proposes that for the Deeper Learning model to catch on, it would help for educators to see it in action first before implementing within their classrooms.

Don’t have a handy Deeper Learning optimized classroom to bring the educator in your life too? Why not bring them along to a Slow Art Day event in your area!

This April, start the discussion around alternative ways of education and art experience.

– Karen


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