Slow Art Day 2023 – About 150 Museums and Counting

It’s going to be another great Slow Art Day – the 14th global event since we officially launched in 2010 – and I’m happy to report that we are nearing about 150 museums, galleries, and venues registered.

If you are participating but have *not* yet registered as a host, then please do.

When you register your plans with us, then we can include you on our site and, importantly, our volunteer team can follow-up after the event to write-up what you did, post it to our site, and add it to our 2023 Annual Report (see all of our past Annual Reports).

The Annual Report is a compendium of slow looking tools, designs, and approaches by talented educators and curators all over the world. Because we’ve seen how much our global community uses these reports, our volunteer team spends hundreds of hours each year compiling, editing, and publishing these write-ups.

But it all begins with you registering as a host.

Hope you have a GOOD and Slow Art Day.



P.S. If you need any of the host tools – logo for use in your print or digital efforts, and all of the past reports with their many tools, tips, and inspiring approaches – then go to the host tools section of our Slow Art Day website.

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