Slow Art Day 2023 – Looking At and Loving Art

We have another wonderful Slow Art Day coming up April 15, 2023.

Hundreds of museums and galleries are participating (if you have not yet registered your museum, please do).

Here are some highlights:

Nationalmuseum of Sweden
The Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s museum of art and design. The collections comprise painting, sculpture, drawings and prints from 1500-1900 and applied arts, design and portraits from early Middle Ages up until present day. Their plans for Slow Art Day: They are starting the day with slow yoga and then will follow up with different guided tours, and other slow programs.

Belgium is “in the house” again. Four museums/galleries in Antwerp have officially registered including:
Fotomuseum Antwerpen
Red Star Line Museum
Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Australia has *7* official locations registered with us (and more not registered):
Incinerator Gallery
Bendigo Art Gallery
Bayside Gallery
Caloundra Regional Gallery
Geelong Gallery
National Portrait Gallery of Australia
QCA Galleries, Griffith University

Canada has *8* official locations, Germany has 5 (we are finally growing in the German world), Scandanavia as a whole has 8, we have our first in New Delhi, India.

It’s going to be a great Slow Art Day.

Register your plans with us so we can include you on the site and also follow-up and add you to our 2023 Annual Report!



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