2022 Annual Report – Get Inspired!

We are proud to publish our 2022 Annual Report, representing hundreds of hours of work by volunteers to research, compile, and write-up the creative work of educators and curators around the world.

More than 175 museums and galleries participated in 2022 (plus many more that ran Slow Art Day sessions but did not register with us).

And we researched, wrote, and published reports from 54 of these museums and galleries, which is what you will find in this report.

So, read this and get inspired by what a wide range of museums and galleries did last year including The Wallace Collection in London, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Frederiksberg Museum in Copenhagen, the Khaneko Museum in Kyiv, MIT’s List Visual Arts in Cambrige, MA, the Tarra Warra Museum of Art in Melbourne, and many, many others.

And please join me in thanking the volunteer team who worked tirelessly all year long to produce this report: Ashley, Jessica Jane, Johanna, and our newest member, Robin.



P.S. Read earlier annual reports including: 2021, 2020, 2019.