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Thousands of articles have been published on the slow art movement. Below we share just a few.

Artsy – How Long Do You Need to Look at a Work of Art to Get It?
ARTINFO – Slow Art Day Fights Visual Grazing With a Deep Dive Into Museums
ARTnews – Slow Down You Look Too Fast
BBC – How to Look at a Work of Art
BBC NewsSlow art? It will ‘blow your mind’
MuseumNextCan digital technology help us to learn to look slowly?
Smithsonian Magazine – This Saturday, Museums Across the Globe Are Asking Visitors to Linger for Slow Art Day
Wall Street Journal – When it Comes to Art, How Seeing Less is More
Washington PostThe ‘slow art’ movement isn’t just about staring endlessly at paintings. It’s also about accessibility

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Slow Art Day around the Web:

Washington Post Covers Slow Art Day

In a terrific feature-length article published yesterday, the Washington Post writer Kelsey Ables covered slow looking, Slow Art Day, our message of radical inclusivity, and encouraged readers to sign up to one of the 90+ venues around the world for this year’s global event. Participating museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the National […]

BBC News: Slow Art? It will ‘blow your mind’

BBC News just posted a feature article on Slow Art Day 2019 featuring us and some of our good friends like Susan Moore, art critic and founder of the Slow Art Workshop. Read the article here. Have a slow and wonderful day tomorrow all over the world from Hong Kong to Hawaii, from London to […]

Philadelphia Museums’ Plea to Visitors: Slow Down!

“Come to a gallery, sit with it for a while, absorb the works there. It’s like listening to a great piece of music. Looking at a really good work of art over and over again, you begin to see it differently.” Excellent advice from William Perthes, senior instructor at The Barnes Foundation, in the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s great […]

Slow Art Day in the Wall Street Journal

We were very excited to read columnist Terry Teachout‘s lovely write-up of Slow Art Day in the Wall Street Journal – it’s always great to see Slow Art Day reach new and wider audiences! Read the full article here.

Slow Art Day & the BBC

It’s hard to believe how much Slow Art Day has grown and spread across the world since its inception in New York a mere 8 years ago. We’re looking forward to having 170+ venues from dozens of countries participate in Slow Art Day 2017. Slow Art Day has had a large presence in the UK since […]

The Slow Pleasures of Looking at Art – Cincinnati CityBeat Feature Article on Slow Art Day

by Steven Rosen Published in CityBeat: April 2014 “Usually, I feel pressured to look at everything in a specific gallery (or, if out-of-town, an entire museum) and that inevitably means spending too little time with the life’s work of so many talented, creative people. That’s what Slow Art Day is attempting to remedy. Rather than […]

New York Today: Their First 100 Days, Too – New York Times Article featuring Slow Art Day mention

by Annie Correal and Andy Newman April 11, 2014 “Slow down, it’s Slow Art Day at six city galleries (and more than 200 others around the world). The concept: Look at five artworks for 10 minutes each, then meet and discuss.” Read the full article on the New York Time’s website here.

Slow Art Day and the value of spending time looking at pictures – Image Source Interview with Phil Terry, founder

by John O’Reilly Published in Image Source: April 11, 2014 “But what’s interesting about Slow Art Day is that it offers a practice (look for at least 10 minutes) and the possibility of an experience that’s owned by the viewer. It’s why giving attention to art at the very least brings new perspective, and is […]

Is it Art? Museum visitors invited to decide for themselves – Dothan Eagle Article featuring Slow Art Day mention

by Peggy Ussery Published in Dothan Eagle : February 2014 “Beginning Feb. 25, the museum will begin hosting a series called “Is it Art?” and asking visitors to join a conversation about why a piece of art is art. The series is based on Slow Art Day, an international art appreciation event held in April […]

Slow Me The Way – Manhattan Magazine Feature Article on Slow Art Day

by Tom Clavin
Published in Manhattan Magazine: December 2012

Don’t race through that museum tour: Take your time, take it easy, and take it all in. At least, that’s what the Slow Art movement would like you to do. Here, Tom Clavin explains the burgeoning campaign…

Read the full feature article on the Manhattan Magazine website 

ARTInfo: Slow Art Day Fights Visual Grazing With a Deep Dive Into Museums

by Kyle Chayka
Published in ARTInfo: August 17, 2012

2001 study showed that visitors to the Metropolitan Museum looked at individual works of art for an average of just 17 seconds at a time, a visual habit called “grazing.” Even the most iconic artworks in the world can’t seem to hold our attention: The Louvre discovered that visitors look at the Mona Lisa for just 15 seconds on average. In the age of the moving image and endlessly updated World Wide Web, works of art in more traditional media don’t get the focus they deserve. Slow Art Day, a three-year-old initiative currently ramping up for its 2013 event, is looking to change all that with an orchestrated long art-viewing session at museums around the world.

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Introducing the ‘slow art’ movement; it’s like the ‘slow food’ movement, with art (and food)

For a few moments, the event acquired a six-men-of-Indostan quality.

The abstract painting by Reed Danziger, exploding with colors and shapes, brought to mind a collage, said a painter and teacher of Hebrew from Israel. An artist from Brooklyn demurred. There was so much going on—it gave her the sense of standing in front of a manifesto, she insisted. Surely it resembled a film strip, argued a painter from Long Island City.

The artists were gathered atMcKenzie Fine Art gallery in Chelsea on Saturday for Slow Art Day, an annual event during which art lovers visit local museums and galleries to look—slowly, deliberately, and thoughtfully—at pre-selected works, and then repair to lunch to discuss the experience.

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See Culture Map’s Promo Alert for Slow Art Day 2012

Culture Map, Austin’s daily digital magazine, is a proud sponsor of Slow Art Day 2012. The promotion below ran the week leading up to Slow Art Day 2012. Slow Art Day is coming to Austin on Saturday, April 28 Slow Art Day is coming to Austin on Saturday, April 28! One day each year, people […]

Slow Art Day April 28 at MAG in Rochester, NY

Over 94 locations all around the globe are joining together this Saturday, April 28 to participate in Slow Art Day with one goal: slow down and take more time to really look at art. I admit it, I’m guilty, I rush through many art exhibitions, overstimulated and overwhelmed in trying to take it all in.

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Look for Longer on Slow Art Day

How long does it take to look at a piece of art? Studies have found that people devote as little as eight seconds to each work in a gallery. But on Saturday 28 April, gallery goers across the world will be invited to slow down. A lot.

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Slow Art Day at Centre

BLOW me away – art lovers are being urged to take it easy.

Slow Art Day is an international celebration aimed at getting people to enjoy art at a leisurely pace.

The National Glass Centre in Sunderland is joining in the fun this Saturday.
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Richmond Slow Art Day Takes a Long Look at Fine Art at VMFA

If it’s been a while since you last took a long look at a piece of art, the upcoming Richmond Slow Art Daywill give you a chance to ponder creative works. TheVirginia Museum of Fine Arts will host the happening aimed at art enthusiasts on Saturday, April 28.

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Slow Art Day is Saturday at MAG

Several years ago, my wife took a guided tour through the vast Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Afterward, she reported tongue-in-cheek: “They got us through in record time!”

Unfortunately, that’s a common experience for tour groups visiting museums as one stop in an action-packed day. The Memorial Art Gallery will try to make you forget that whizbang approach Saturday.

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Slow Art Day 2012 Reaches New Heights: 100 Events Scheduled

Organizers announce the largest Slow Art Day to date.

NEW YORK, NY, April 27, 2012 – Just one day before Slow Art Day 2012, organizers announce reaching a new milestone: 100 events are scheduled for April 28, 2012. The international, all-volunteer event celebrating art will take place in venues ranging from small to large and include MoMA in New York (the site of the first Slow Art Day in 2009), Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and the National Gallery in Canberra, Australia…

Slow Art Day 2012 Announces Key Milestone

Slow Art Day 2012 Announces Key Milestone

Organizers announce more than 75 events are scheduled for April 28, 2012.

NEW YORK, NY, April 3, 2012 – Slow Art Day, the international grassroots arts movement, announced that Slow Art Day events would take place in at least 75 venues (museums, galleries and sculpture gardens) around the world April 28, 2012. Venues range from small to large and include MoMA in New York (the site of the first Slow Art Day in 2009), Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and the National Gallery in Canberra, Australia. Organizers expect additional venues to join leading up to April 28, 2012…

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Ikonos airs Slow Art Day 2012 Commercial

As a proud partner of Slow Art Day 2012, ikono ( is airing the first Slow Art Day television commercial. View it here

Slow Art Day Announces 2012 Global Event Date

The announcement marks the 4th annual Slow Art Day and debuts a new website and logo.

NEW YORK, NY, February 27, 2012 – Slow Art Day, the international grassroots movement, announced that April 28, 2012 will be the fourth annual Slow Art Day and that 50 events have already been planned around the world. Organizers expect many additional events to be created by April 28, 2012. The announcement marks not only the continuation of the growing movement, but the debut of a new website and logo.

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Slow Down, You Look Too Fast

April, 2011
Art News

One Saturday in 2008, Phil Terry visited the exhibition “Action/Abstraction” at the Jewish Museum in New York and spent an hour in front of Hans Hofmann’s Fantasia (1943)…

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Slow Art Day in Kyiv

April 19, 2010
The Uncatalogued Museum [blog]

The idea of time set aside to be slow–and to be slow in a museum was pretty interesting to me. Yesterday, I participated in Slow Art Day, in Kyiv. … Over coffee, our conversation ended up being not just about the art but about the process. Some people wanted more information; some liked the deep looking and that was enough; we talked about the differences between Ukrainian and American museum visitors; and about guided tours or other ways to provide information…

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Pecha Kucha Miami #10 Slow Art Day wine wander wonder

March 19, 2011
Soul of Miami

The Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach will host a PechaKucha, a creative networking event, exploring the local Slow Art Movement on Saturday, March 19th. PechaKucha is a Japanese inspired event for creatives to meet, network and share their work in public. With 20 Power Point slides shown for 20 seconds each, local thought leaders will have about seven minutes to talk about developing conversations and community issues around their passion in the arts…

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Slow Art Day on Hub-Bub-Blog

You might think that something called “Slow Art Day” would consist of snail sketches or turtle studies. Um, no. Instead, we had a dozen folks come to The Showroom yesterday to look at art. Really look at some art…

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A new international event that encourages us to Slow down and take more time to enjoy art

March 25, 2010
Slow Travel Berlin

Most of us have been guilty of blurring around at least one museum or gallery in our lives, ignoring the majority of the art therein, or focusing more on what’s for dinner later than what’s in front of us. Indeed, research shows that people spend as little as eight seconds looking at an individual work…

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Blanton Museum to Participate in ‘Slow Art Day’

April 14, 2010

Here in Austin, the Blanton Museum of Art will be our host for ‘Slow Art Day’ … Like the slow food philosophy, slow art believers advocate taking time with the art-viewing experience. You’d think in the post-blockbuster exhibit era — with more people going to museums than ever before — we’d be better trained at looking at art…

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Grand Rapids Art Museum promotes Slow Art Day, encouraging visitors to study works

April 14, 2010
The Grand Rapids Press

Take a look at Joan Mitchell’s “The River,” part of the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s permanent collection, and describe the piece. A large work of abstract art created with bold, multi-colored brush strokes, you say? Sounds like your quick-view answer…

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Slow Art Day at the Crocker Art Museum

April 15, 2010
Crocker Sacramento Press

“The majority of museum visitors view an artwork for less than 30 seconds,” said Christian Adame, manager of life-long learning at the Crocker Art Museum. “But it is easy to miss the artist’s message during such a quick look. This event is designed to help participants see art in a new way – to focus, contemplate and discuss their ideas.”

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Slow Down for Slow Art

April 15, 2010
Eye Level – Smithsonian American Museum of Art

Six months ago American Art, along with twelve other museums around the world, invited people to spend an afternoon taking a long look at art as part of Slow Art day.

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Loitering Is Encouraged Saturday at the Hood Museum

April 15, 2010
Valley News

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Six-Minute Louvre, a feat that rests on the notion that there are only three objects in Paris’ enormous art museum worth seeing — The Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. “The rest of the stuff is all junk,” columnist Art Buchwald wrote in 1990 of the Six-Minute Louvre. American tourist Peter Stone set the record in 1950 for the fastest fly-by of the three objects, five minutes and 56 seconds…

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Hood slows down for Slow Art Day

April 18
The Dartmout – Dartbeat

Seeing the vast collection of art displayed at venues like the Hood Museum may seem like an impossible task, but the folks behind Slow Art Day have a solution: don’t try to…

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You’ll Enjoy It More If You Take It Slow: Slow Art Day

May 2, 2010
Real Clear Arts

Here’s a little grass-roots art effort that deserves some publicity and support: Slow Art Day. It’s kind of like the Slow Food movement, which attempts to get people to cook, eat slowly, and savor food. The art thesis is, if you look at art, really look slowly, you will see.

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Après le Slow Food, le Slow Art

March, 2010
French Elle
French Elle article